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Hypsypops Rubicundus

Garabaldi Garabaldi Garabaldi

While juvenile garibaldi are often a deep red with bright blue spots, the adult garibaldi is a solid bright orange with opaque red fins. They live over rocky bottoms in clear water at a depth of no more than 100 feet and prefer to stay near cover, such as rocky crevices or kelp. During breeding season, garibaldi mate in pairs and lay eggs that attach to the sea bottom. Males will guard the eggs and defend the surrounding territory.

Did You Know?

The common name "Garibaldi" comes from the Italian military figure Giuseppe Garibaldi, whose followers wore iconic orange shirts.


The garibaldi feeds on attached invertebrates such as sponges.


It can reach 15 inches in length


This fish is found in the eastern central pacific off the coast of California and Mexico.

Population Status

This species is not threatened.


Larger fish and sharks feed on garibaldi.

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