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Creole Fish

Atlantic Creole Fish

Paranthias furcifer

Creole Fish Creole Fish Creole Fish

The Atlantic creole fish has an elongated body with a very short head and a forked tail. This fish can be any color from gray to a very bright red. It inhabits coral reefs and hard bottoms, preferring the shallow water but is found as deep as 165 feet.

The creole fish feeds in large groups, often very close to the surface of the water. However, this species tends to hide immediately when alarmed.

Did You Know?

The creole fish actually varies in color from very bright red to gray.


The Atlantic creole fish feeds primarily on zooplankton.


This fish can reach up to 11 inches in length.


The Atlantic creole fish is found in the Western Atlantic from the southern United States to Brazil, and the Eastern Atlantic near the islands of Principe and São Tomé.

Population Status

This species is not threatened.


Larger fish and sharks.

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