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Baltimore Conservation Efforts

A Better Baltimore

Baltimore City, with its long history of industrialization and development, is not often thought of as a haven for wildlife. In truth, a surprising number of native animals and plants still call this city home. The National Aquarium and partners are working hard to help clean the Baltimore Harbor and the greater Chesapeake Bay watershed, while creating and restoring vital habitats that support healthy wildlife populations.

With the help of community volunteers and students, we are restoring tidal wetlands, planting trees, installing native plant gardens and removing debris from the water and its shorelines. While many of the natural features of the city have been modified over time to accommodate businesses, residents and global commerce, we now understand what it takes to provide a healthy environment for wildlife and human populations, alike. Together, we must make the commitment to create a better Baltimore.

Creating a Model Urban Waterfront

The National Aquarium is working to make its campus in downtown Baltimore a model urban waterfront, one that ​combines natural restoration with new and innovative technologies to support environmental enhancements. We are piloting and demonstrating projects designed to clean the water and improve habitats in urban areas where restoration of the natural systems is no longer an option. Projects include a green roof on one of our buildings, native garden demonstration areas, floating wetlands and biohuts. These efforts help prevent polluted runoff from reaching the harbor, utilize the natural ability of plants and animals to filter water, remove excess nutrients from the Bay and provide food and shelter to native wildlife.​

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biohuts - conservation

Biohuts Provide Shelter for Aquatic Wildlife

The double-cage system of the Biohuts restores some of the ecological function once provided by the natural landscapes historically found in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

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Model Urban Waterfront Rendering

The Future of Our Waterfront

The Future of our Waterfront

Floating Wetland Launch

Floating Wetland

Gardening for Wildlife

Certify Your Habitat!

Support wildlife and clean water. Create your own backyard habitat and have it certified by the National Wildlife Federation and National Aquarium. Help us make Baltimore a Community Wildlife Habitat™.

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 Aquarium Conservation Partnership- Plastic Shark

Aquarium Conservation Partnership

Aquariums from across the country are teaming up to keep plastics out of our ocean! Learn how you can be a part of the solution.

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