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International Coastal Cleanup

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International Coastal Cleanup

Join the National Aquarium and the Ocean Conservancy for the annual International Coastal Cleanup by helping clean the world's beaches and waterways to prevent marine debris before it becomes a problem.

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The National Aquarium has hosted International Coastal Cleanup events since 1999, and has served as the coordinator for all International Coastal Cleanup events in the state of Maryland since 2016.

In Maryland, you can get involved in the International Coastal Cleanup by joining a National Aquarium event, taking part in another organization's event or organizing your own! Check the event map to find an existing event, or use Ocean Conservancy's cleanup toolkit to host your own cleanup.

The data collected at these cleanup events is compiled in Ocean Conservancy's Ocean Trash Index, which the world's largest item-by-item, location-by-location database of trash found in near-shore environments. The database is used by scientists, conservation groups, governments and industry leaders to take actions to prevent debris from entering our waterways.

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You can also join the global movement to keep beaches, waterways and the ocean trash free by downloading the Clean Swell app. Simply “Start Collecting” trash wherever you are around the world and the data you collect will instantaneously upload to Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database.

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Removing harmful marine debris from our waterways is one of the ways National Aquarium is working to change the way humanity cares for our ocean planet. Thank you for taking part!