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AquaPartners is a standards-based, cross-curricular Chesapeake Bay program for third, fourth- and fifth-grade students, open to any public or private school within one hour’s travel time from the National Aquarium, Baltimore.

The AquaPartners program features in-school large group programs, hands-on lab investigations, and field experiences in local ecosystems. All activities and materials are correlated with the Maryland State Voluntary Curriculum.

Activities include:

  • Interactive theater programs and hands-on science laboratories
  • Outdoor field study trips 3rd, 4th and 5th grades
  • Complete set of pre- and post-activities for each phase of the program

AquaPartners allows students to significantly increase their knowledge about the Chesapeake Bay and develop or improve environmental stewardship attitudes, and teachers to increase content knowledge in science and increase their confidence on teaching science in the classroom. The program also helps schools meet Maryland Green Schools Award criteria and align with state environmental literacy goals.

To inquire about the cost of the AquaPartners program, please contact the Aquarium's Education department at 410-576-8799 or email David Christopher.

The cost of the program includes:

  • For third grade: Fall Field trip (full day), Marshland Mystery Auditorium Program (1 hour), Maryland Habitats Program ( 1 hour per class)
  • For fourth grade: The Waterman Auditorium Presentation (1 hour per class) and Discovery Lab (1 hour per class), Trash in a Marsh Lab (1 hour per class) at your school, plus the field trip to Fort McHenry Field Station (full day)
  • For fifth grade: The Oyster Reef Auditorium Presentation (1 hour per class) and Discovery Lab (1 hour per class), Chesapeake Bay Explorations Lab (1 hour per class) at your school, Aquarium admission to Family Night for students and their families, plus the field trip to Sandy Point State Park (full day)

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