Immersion Tours

Sharks Sleepover

Experience the Aquarium From an Insider's Perspective

Go behind the scenes with the National Aquarium's Immersion Tours. Our expert guides will let you experience life at the Aquarium from an insider's perspective. You'll discover a fascinating world behind the glass.

Legend of Calypso’s Gold

The Legend of Calypso's Gold

Set Off for Adventure

Get ready for an incredible adventure as you set off in search for the hidden treasure of the great Guardian Calypso.

Icky, Creepy, Slimy, Cool

Mantis Shrimp

Learn About Icky, Creepy, Slimy, Cool

Ditch the cute and cuddly to discover the world of the icky, creepy, slimy and (of course) coolest animals you’ll ever lay eyes on!

Insider's Tour

National Aquarium - Immersion Tours

Learn About Insider's Tours

Get a head start with a guided tour before the building opens!

Dolphin Encounter

National Aquarium - Dolphin Encounters

Have a Dolphin Encounter

Get up close and personal with the dolphins in a private teaching and play session!

Veterinarian Tour

Veterinarian Tour

Learn About Veterinarian Tours

Put on your very own surgical cap and mask, and dive in to this behind-the-scenes tour led by one of our staff veterinarians.

Sharks! Behind-the-Scenes

National Aquarium - Immersion Tours

Learn About Sharks! Behind the Scenes

Get uncomfortably close to these predators of the deep.

Dolphin Sleepover

National Aquarium - Immersion Tours

Learn About Dolphin Sleepovers

You'll think you're already dreaming as you learn about these amazing marine mammals.

Sleepover With the Sharks

National Aquarium - Immersion Tours

Learn About Sleepover With the Sharks

Sharks will be lurking close by as you attempt to sleep through the night!

Dolphin Explorer

National Aquarium - Immersion Tours

Learn about Dolphins

Team up with our marine mammal staff to get to know dolphins in a whole new way!

Daily Behind-the-Scenes

National Aquarium – North Atlantic to the Pacific

Get an Insider's Look

Go behind the scenes for an exclusive look at one of our favorite Aquarium exhibits, Pacific Coral Reef.

Guest Diver Program

National Aquarium - Immersion Tours

Be a Guest Diver

Certified divers ages 18 and up are invited to dive in one of the Aquarium's most popular exhibits.

Custom Tours FAQ

What options are available to customize?

Guests can choose:

  • Dates and times for experience
  • Where to go in the Aquarium
  • Which animals or exhibits to highlight
  • To go behind-the-scenes in our staff-only areas
  • To let the Immersion Programs team design a custom experience for you

We can also tailor any of our existing experiences to fit any age or interest level

How many guests are allowed on an Immersion Program?

A customized Immersion Program can fit just about any size group. Larger groups may have to break up into smaller groups for behind-the-scenes or animal experiences, but we’ll always ensure your group has an amazing time. To make your experience truly engaging, we aim to have one guide per 12 guests.

What else can we add to our Immersion Program to make it truly unique?

We can add once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters, expert guest speakers and more.

How much does this customized experience cost?

Since each experience is customized, each experience will have a different associated cost. Our Immersion Programs team will help create a program to fit your budget.

How far in advance do we need to make reservations for a Customized Immersion Program?

  • We require a minimum of 2 weeks to plan your customized experience.
  • We do not take reservations more than 90 days in advance.

Do I have to pay National Aquarium admission on top of the tour or program cost?

Since our programs all take place inside the Aquarium, admission is included in the cost of the Immersion Program.