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Lead Sponsor of Chesapeake Bay Conservation Initiatives

Constellation’s generous philanthropic funding supports an array of Aquarium conservation initiatives focused on vital Chesapeake Bay habitat, including hands-on restoration and environmental education through programs such as Terrapins in the Classroom and Wetland Nursery. In the building,

“Constellation is proud to support the National Aquarium in its efforts to educate and connect the community with the Chesapeake Bay and the importance of environmental stewardship,” said Joseph Nigro, CEO of Constellation.
Constellation Conservation Carts placed throughout Aquarium exhibit galleries educate and entertain guests through conversations with our staff experts. Enjoyed by more than 1.3 million individual visitors annually, these popular carts provide tactile experiences where visitors engage with animals, examine artifacts and explore interactive iPad programs as they participate in adaptable and informal conversations. Specific topics and conservation messages are presented at the carts depending on their location relative to nearby exhibits and include: choosing sustainable seafood, marine debris mitigation, reducing your carbon footprint, adopting “enjoy-respect-protect” ethics, and addressing ocean acidification, among other content.

By partnering with Constellation & OneEnergy Renewables on a 4.3-megawatt grid-connection solar generator, the National Aquarium now offsets 40 percent of our annual electricity usage by supporting renewable sources, including solar power. The solar farm project is part of a 25-year electric supply agreement with Constellation to help the Aquarium manage utility costs and encourage the development of renewable energy in Maryland. As Constellation CEO Joseph Nigro explains, Constellation partners with the National Aquarium “…not only to help them achieve their business goals, but also as part of our vision of creating a brighter, more sustainable future for the communities we serve.”

In addition to the use of solar technology, the Aquarium’s partnership with Constellation has made it possible to incorporate other best practices in sustainable operations, such as replacing florescent lightbulbs with LED bulbs throughout the Aquarium’s campus.

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Joseph Nigro - CEO

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Joseph Nigro, CEO of Constellation and executive vice president of Exelon, is responsible for marketing of electricity, natural gas and other energy-related products and services to Constellation customers, as well as ensuring the optimization of Exelon’s generation portfolio while managing risk for the company and its shareholders.