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You probably have a favorite animal at the National Aquarium. Whether it’s a reptile, a shark, a mammal, or a bird, seeing it makes your visit special. By adopting an animal through our animal adoption program, Aquadopt, you can help care for your favorite animal!


National Aquarium – Atlantic bottlenose dolphin

Did you know?
Dolphins breathe through the blowholes on top of their heads. Each time a dolphin surfaces, the flap over its blowhole opens. The dolphin then rapidly exhales and inhales, and the flap closes. In one breath, dolphins may exchange up to 90% of the air in their lungs, compared with a human's air exchange, which is approximately 15%.

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National Aquarium – Puffin

Did you know?
The puffin’s bill is brightest during the breeding season. When the birds return to sea at the end of the breeding season, the layers of the bill molt.

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National Aquarium – Shark

Did you know?
Sharks have a highly developed sense of smell. Sharks can smell 1 drop of blood in 1 million drops of water (roughly 25 gallons), and they can smell 1 drop of fish juice in 25 million drops of water.

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National Aquarium – Frog

Did you know?
When a frog swallows a meal, his bulgy eyeballs close and go down into his head. This is because the eyeballs apply pressure and actually push a frog’s meal down his throat.

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Loggerhead sea turtle

Did you know?
Turtles cannot crawl out of their shells no matter how hard they try! The shell is permanently attached to the spine and the rib cage. The shell’s top is called the carapace, and the bottom is the plastron. Turtles can feel pressure and pain through their shells, just as you can feel pressure through your fingernails.

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To adopt an animal, choose an animal and Aquadopt package above, or call 410-576-8840.

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How Does Aquadopt Help?

The Aquarium has more than 17,500 hungry mouths to feed, so your support is always appreciated. We are committed to providing the best care for all of the animals and plants that live at the National Aquarium. Your gift helps offset the high costs of veterinary care and food. It also helps to continue our mission to inspire conservation of the world's aquatic treasures.

Plus, your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law and the recipient receives a gift that’s not only fun, but also educational.

* Due to the popularity of some species, one animal may have more than one adopted parent. Please remember, your adopted animal will remain in its healthy environment at the Aquarium.

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