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National Aquarium Animal Rescue

Since 1991, the National Aquarium Animal Rescue Program has been responsible for responding to stranded marine mammals and sea turtles along the Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) Peninsula, primarily along the nearly 7,000 miles of Maryland coast.

2014 Animal Rescue Efforts in Review Infographic
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The National Aquarium Animal Rescue Program has successfully rescued, treated, and returned over 100 animals to their natural habitats. Every animal has a story, and it is our responsibility to tell their stories.

Many of the animals that are admitted for rehabilitation have been impacted by humans, and are ambassadors of ocean health. The triumph of returning a healthy animal to the wild is the reason that Animal Rescue volunteers have dedicated tens of thousands of hours since Animal Rescue’s inception. Learn more about the important work being done by the National Aquarium Animal Rescue program here.

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National Aquarium - Animal Rescue

Our Animal Rescue program depends on the generosity of volunteers to operate, but the medical equipment, medications and food needed to care for these animals is expensive.

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Rescued & Released Animals

National Aquarium - Animal Rescue Release

Every animal has a story to tell! Meet some of our current and former National Aquarium Animal Rescue patients and follow their ocean journeys via satellite tracking.

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Human Impact

National Aquarium – Conservation Events

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Humans are responsible for more than half of marine animal strandings. What we humans do both on land and in the water matters.

Seals on Land

National Aquarium - Seals on Land

Spot a seal on the beach? Seals are seasonal visitors to Maryland during the winter months. Learn how to determine if a seal is stranded or just resting on land.

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