Bringing Oysters Back from the Brink

Recycle Your Oyster Shells
It isn’t just businesses and wholesalers that can participate in shell recycling—the public can do. The Oyster Recovery Partnership has a list of all of the public recycling collection centers here.

Watch a Video on the Largest Oyster Restoration Effort on the East Coast
State and federal partners along with the Oyster Recovery Partnership are working to restore native oyster reefs. Harris Creek, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is the first targeted restoration location and is the largest oyster restoration effort ever conducted in the Chesapeake Bay and East Coast, with billions of baby oysters being placed within the protected sanctuary, rebuilding more than 370 acres of reef.


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September 10th, 2014- Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture: The Battle of Baltimore: How Our Harbor Helped Define America

September 13th, 2014- Virginia Beach Dune Restoration

September 23rd, 2014- Fresh Thoughts Dinner

October 11th, 2014- Masonville Cove Field Day

October 25th, 2014- Fort McHenry Field Day

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