The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Minimize your plastic consumption

  • Forego the straw and the lid on your drink.
  • Bring your own reusable mug when you stop for coffee.
  • Stuff a trash bag in your pocket when you go for a walk and pick up the pieces of trash you see on the sidewalk, along the trail, or on the beach.
  • Choose products that come with less packaging.
  • Bring your reusable bags to all of the places you shop.

To learn more about 5 Gyres, click here.

Think it’s impossible to go without plastic? Beth Terry didn’t think so. To read about it at her blog, My Plastic Free Life, click here.

For a sobering look at the very real consequences of animals ingesting plastic in the North Pacific Gyre, click here.

To view an animated short film for youth about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, click here.

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