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Protect Sharks

What You Can Do to Help Save Sharks

While finning is illegal in the United States, the buying and selling of shark fins is not. It’s crucial that we close the market for shark fins here by prohibiting their trade and distribution.

  • Just say no to shark fin soup! Avoid restaurants or stores that serve or sell shark products. Check the Animal Welfare Institute’s database for  restaurants in your area that offer shark fin soup.

  • Take the pledge. Visit Shark Savers to say you’re FINished with fins.

  • Write a letter to your legislator asking for their support in banning the trade and distribution of shark fins in your state.

  • Choose shark-friendly seafood that’s caught in ways that don’t bring in sharks as bycatch. Download Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch card for a list of sustainable seafood and what to avoid.

  • Spread the word. Share this information with your social networks by clicking on the icons at the bottom of this page. The more awareness we can generate about this issue, the better.