American Bull Frog

Maryland: Mountains to the Sea

Four exhibits depict Maryland habitats in a water cycle that moves from an Allegheny stream through a tidal marsh and coastal beach and out to the continental shelf. Bullfrogs, diamondback terrapins, and striped bass are just some of the animals that show the diversity of Maryland's aquatic life.

Animals in This Exhibit

  • American Bullfrog

    The bullfrog is the largest frog in North America.

    American Bull Frog
  • Blue Crab

    In spite of their colorful name, blue crabs are mostly grayish- to bluish-green.

    Blue Crab
  • Diamondback Terrapin

    Diamondback terrapins are among the most variable turtle species in North America and no two individuals are exactly alike in coloration and pattern.

    Diamondback terrapin
  • Northern Hogsucker

    The hogsucker is a very distinctive-looking fish with a pronounced, fleshy, subterminal mouth.

    Northern hogsucker
  • Rosyside Dace

    This member of the minnow family is named for the rose-red color of the front lower half of the body.

    National Aquarium – Rosyside dace
  • Striped Blenny

    These scaleless fish are yellowish brown on top, whitish below, and have many small, dark brown spots.

    National Aquarium – Striped blenny
  • Striped Burrfish

    Striped burrfish have large heads and widely spaced bulging eyes.

    National Aquarium – Striped burrfish

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